My name is Egemen and i am 22 years old. I am from Istanbul, Turkey but i am currently living in Nice, France a.k.a. "Paradis" which means: "Paradise" in French. That's why i put the my name of my blog: "Etranger Au Paradis" (Stranger in Paradise) because i am a stranger in here and to me, Nice is definitely a paradise on earth. And also, as an attribution to the song of Gloria Lasso.

I study Economics in English at Istanbul University, here at Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis. I am an amateur photographer and author. I really love to go out, witness the emotions on people's faces, experiences on old buildings and generally the life in the city. For this reason that i love photography. These are just two of my hobbies. My third hobby is, learning foreign languages. I already speak Turkish (which is my native), English, Serbian and French. Now, i am trying to learn German on my own.

Here in this blog, i would like share my experiences on Nice and the other cities that i will visit (with pictures of course :) ) and on the languages that i have learned.