Who should go to Erasmus and who should not?

Credits: Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Credits: Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Who should go? 

  1. Those who are curious about abroad, new people and new cultures.
  2. Those who can adapt to a new country and a new system.
  3. Those who are competitive. 
  4. Those who are extroverted, who are party people, who likes to go out. 
  5. Those who like to travel.
  6. Those who can handle complexity management. 
  7. Those who are already speaking very good English. (for those who wants to go to France or Germany, the official language if the program is in the official language of the country)
  8. Those who can financially adapt to the living conditions of the country they are planning to go.

Who should not go?

  1. Those who want to go to Erasmus just to say that they did it.
  2. Those who will complain about the system of the country that they moved to all the time.
  3. Those who are lazy.
  4. Those who are introverted, who hate discovering everything about the city or the country on their own, who never go out except going to school.
  5. Those who cannot handle complexity management, who does nothing but crying when a problem occurs.
  6. Those whose English (depending on the program, or French or German) is terrible. For those whose grammar is okay, those whose accent is not understandable. For example, A majority of my Turkish friends are in this category and all of my other friends make fun of their accents behind them and i cannot even say it to them not to offend.
  7. Those who judges people and different cultures.
  8. Those who are not brave enough to handle something on their own.