The Unbearable Lightness of Passing DELF B2

Bonjour à tous! Soyez les bienvenus...

Quel plaisir d'être avec vous encore... As you may understand from the title, i am going to tell how i passed DELF B2on February and how those who are currently studying for DELF B2 can do to achieve that diploma.

Who should go to Erasmus and who should not?

From those who are curious about abroad, new people and new cultures to those who are not brave enough to handle something on their own...

As I Am Leaving My Paradis...

As i am about to finish one of the first but remarkable adventures of my life, i would like to criticize the five months i have spent in Nice and elsewhere. Erasmus, the cities, the ambiance... Simply, everything.

La Langue de Molière (French)


Today, i am going to tell here how i decided to learn French, how easy (i do not rather to use "difficult" because it makes me feel so pessimistic) it was and what i am planning to do afterwards.

Being A World Citizen

What is the world citizenship concept? If i asked this question to one of my random friends (not my bffs - they already know what that means), they would probably describe somebody who has a vagabond lifestyle moving all around the world or a hitchhiker.

The Serbian Language

Welcome back or Dobrodošli nazad!

Today, i would like to tell here, in this topic, what is the reason behind my decision to learn srpski jezik and how hard it is, similarities, differences, what i think about it etc. It is a long story actually...