Prague - The city changing your attitude in just 5 days

It is a great pleasure to be able to go out of your town and get away from everything and everyone loves you and bothers you again... This time, i went to Prague for 6 days and hopefully, i could visit most of the places i wanted to. Besides, i learned more stuff about the Prague life. Enjoy reading.

Visiting Old Friends: Paris

Normally, i explain why i visited the city i am writing about in the second paragraph but frankly, it is not necessary to have a reason to go to Paris. However, i had two reasons which i can gather in just one: -as i have already said on the title- visiting old friends. But who are them? 

Romantic Prague - Cliché or Fairytale?

As a matter of fact, i started to think about this article on my third day in Prague. I was planning to write only: "WHAT HAPPENS IN PRAGUE, STAYS IN PRAGUE" and leave it. Because i wanted the time i spent there to be something precious that i do not want to share with anybody. However, one of the most important people to me said that she would look forward to it and here we are...

What does a trip to Amsterdam mean actually?

After my gorgeous 3 days & 4 nights in Brussels, it was time to leave. To begin the second leg of my journey... At the beginning, i was not willing to leave Nice. On my last day, i felt the same for Brussels. Because i had a feeling that my trip in Amsterdam would not be more enriching than Brussels. But the reservation was already made and the bus tickets were already bought. 

One Country, Two Languages: Belgium

15 days ago, i decided to go out of my Paradis for the first time (excluding the match between AS Monaco & Beşiktaş) since i settled down. However, the question came out: Where to go? I was considering to go to Paris in order to visit my very good friend whom i haven't seen for ages. But unfortunately, he was not available. Then suddenly, i decided to go to Brussels.

Colline du Chateau

Today, i would love to write about the most famous public garden in Nice which offers you the best view in the city: Colline du Chateau. According to the records, the construction of Castle of Nice started in 11th century on a rocky hill overlooking the Nice Bay. However, it had suffered three notable sieges until its destruction in 18th century.

Promenade des Anglais

Have you ever wondered why is the most important icon of a French city named as English Promenade?

My First Day in Nice

Even if my school starts in 11th September, i came here two weeks earlier in order to have a good rest after an exhausting summer with paper works (finding a place to stay, collecting all the documents for there and for the visa etc.). I was really excited but exhausted when i arrived in Nice.