Hello and welcome to Etranger Au Paradis,

My name is Egemen (eɟeˌmen) and i am from Istanbul, Turkey. I am 24 years old and i currently doing my Master’s degree in Finance at Toulouse School of Management (ex IAE Toulouse) of Université Toulouse I Capitole.

Speaking of myself in general, i’m kind according to some people, cold according to some others, clever according to some other and a retarded as well. Aren’t we all? I mean, when you get to a certain age, you realize that everyone has diverse opinions about you. But you start to feel like you recognize yourself and it doesn’t matter that that much as long as you don’t annoy too many people and you don’t make either too much mistakes or only one fatal mistake. I am what i am and also, i am what you think i am. But if, someone really wanted to know me, I would recommend him/her to watch Up in the Air and listen to All In One Night as i strongly link with myself with George Clooney in the film and the songs remind me of my up and downs every time.

About Etranger Au Paradis, i exactly launched it in 2nd September 2017. My 3rd day in Nice. In the French course, I had already been making fun of launching a blog about my future life in Nice with my friends and my teacher but i had never taken it seriously until I got extremely bored in the residence after all the paperwork in the summer. Its name was going to be Etranger Au Paradis as an attribution to Gloria Lasso’s classic. Besides, I was also an alien in the “paradise” back then. It would contain articles about foreign languages, other contents and mostly, the Niçois life travel articles. On the other hand, I had also one more thing in mind; I was going to use a little piece of those articles as e-diary. And in the near future, i can guarantee you that you will also be able to find some content about the Toulousain life.

Enjoy reading and please don’t forget to take a look at the YouTube channel too!