Welcome to Etranger Au Paradis,

My name is Egemen (eɟeˌmen) and i am from Istanbul, Turkey. In general, i like to observe the others. And according to the circumstances that i am under, sometimes i talk too much or i keep my mouth shut for too long. I am normally calm but when somebody exasperates me, i stop holding the chains of the monster in me. It rarely happens but it is efficient. That’s why people usually think that i am nice (i.e. - diffident), funny and helpful (i.e. - I think we should stay friends)… It sounds so lame, isn’t it? Forget about it! The mankind has always been terrible at observation and impatient.

As a matter of fact, my life is generally full of surprises… i.e. – Sometimes I pass through a bad experience and a couple of months later, the ideas that people usually would consider for a while come to my mind and I start to follow them without thinking for a minute. And frankly, those have always been the best decisions of me.

About Etranger Au Paradis, i exactly launched it in 2nd September 2017. My 3rd day in Nice… In the French course, I had already been making fun of launching a blog about my future life in Nice with my friends and my teacher but i had never taken it seriously until I got extremely bored in the residence after all the paperwork in the summer. Its name was going to be Etranger Au Paradis as an attribution to Gloria Lasso’s classic. Besides, I was also an alien in the “paradise” back then. It would contain articles about foreign languages, other contents and mostly, travel articles. On the other hand, I had also one more thing in mind; I was going to use a little piece of those articles as e-diary.

Today, Etranger Au Paradis is one and a half years old and so many things (even my character) have changed in this period. Long story short, if somebody asked me to describe this period, I would recommend him/her to watch Up in the Air and listen to All In One Night (and maybe a little bit of Nisam Ljubomoran). Sometimes I pretended to be George Clooney, sometimes Anna Kendrick… His travel addiction, frequency and cold blood alongside Anna’s hot blood and emotionalism, entrance and departure of Alex etc.

Enjoy reading!